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I am not a musical genius or someone who even knows anything about music. I was never formally trained to sing and I’m pretty sure the last time I sang in public was during Halloween two years ago with my college roommates, singing karaoke after we had all shared a bottle or two of wine. I may not be the most musically inclined person, however, music has always been something that can soothe me, calm me and teach me. I feel all of these songs are pieces of my inner self. What I believe in this world and what I want from it. I hope it speaks to you in some way or maybe just gives you some good music to listen to. I will be upfront and say, I get pretty honest about things (which is scary) and you may not agree with my point of view or beliefs. But isn’t that the best part of being human? We all think differently and can learn something from everyone we come in contact to. So please read with an open mind and heart or just don’t read at all. My hope is at least you enjoy to read this and it gives you something positive to read for the next 15 minutes.

All I Ask of You or anyone for that matter is to be kind to others, do the next right thing and stand up for what you believe in. It’s really that simple.(By Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson)

I believe there are All Kinds of Kinds in this world. There are people similar to you and people who are completely opposite of you. There are people you like and people you don’t like. People come in all shapes, sizes and colors. People can love whoever they love and all people should have the right to feel complete and beautiful in their own skin. There are many people with many different stories to tell and I think that is one of the beauties in life. There are all kinds of kinds and they all truly keep the world spinning.(By Miranda Lambert)

Any Man of Mine or really, any man better treat a woman with kindness and respect. Period. Women are beautiful and wonderful creatures that should be heard, loved and seen as equal to men. (By Shania Twain)

There have been moments in my life that I find my self on the Bathroom Floor. Whether that is metaphorically or literally (especially after those two bottles of wine mentioned before). Either way, people always need others to pick them up and give them encouragement when needed. Reach out and let people know you are there. (By Maddie & Tae)

In February, I was driving home from work. There was about two feet of snow on the ground, the roads were slick, it was freezing outside and the wind was starting to pick up speed. I really hate the winter and was starting to feel very anxious. Then, out of no where, a saw the most vibrant shade of blue fly past my windshield and land in a tree. My husband said I saw a Blue Bird which some people believe to be a sign of happiness to come. The next month, my Etsy business began to take off. It’s good to remember, even in the worst of times, happiness is still around.(By Miranda Lambert)

I’ve been married to my husband for about three years now, but we’ve been together 11.5 years. The Bones of our relationship are as sturdy as they come and I couldn’t have found a more perfect partner. Thank you Logan, for loving me unconditionally and for always choosing me. (By Maren Morris)

Follow the Compass of your heart. It will usually lead you the right direction. Sometimes, when I feel anxious, it’s usually because something in my life is not the way it should be or I am not happy in a situation. Once, I listen to my body and figure out what is causing my frustrations, I feel like a new person. (By Lady Antebellum)

Sometimes, you just cant Cry Pretty. Let it out girl, let it out! (By Carrie Underwood)

I have anxiety. I said it. I’ve never been diagnosed, but I’ve read enough self help books and anxiety books to diagnose myself. It is a struggle everyday. I have to stay on top of my exercise, eating and interactions with people because I know those things are what make me the happiest. I have to allow myself to feel scared and wound up every once in a while. I have to give myself some grace when I feel like I’m in an anxiety spiral for weeks on end. But, I always feel better in the end and I always find a way to say, I’m Doin’ Fine. Anxiety will always be a part of me, and I think that is ok but I’m always working on making myself a better and calmer person. (By Lauren Alaina).

Life is always moving. Jobs, friends, sometimes even family members are in and out of your ever flowing life. The people you meet and love don’t always stay in your life. But I hope you always find a way to remember those people and remember the good they brought you. I know I’ve lost friends through the years but they have given me so much and helped shape the person I have become. Don’t Forget to Remember Me and I know I won’t forget you. (By Carrie Underwood)

Even in the darkest of times, you can Fly. I heard this song five years ago after one of my students tragically died when I was a first year teacher. I’ll never forget the feeling of despair, and grief I felt, but this song helped me feel stronger and inspired. (By Maddie & Tae)

You know you are in your happiest of places when you feel as if you are Flying Without Wings when you are there. My place is the Gym. I was a gymnast for my whole childhood and through high school. I began to coach at 14 and they can’t get rid of me yet. It is one of the places where I feel completely at ease and happy. (By Ruben Studdard)

Follow Your Arrow no matter which direction it points. (by Kacey Musgraves)

My wedding day was the happiest day of my life. This song was our wedding song and it brings back only good memories. I can’t wait to continue to grow our relationship From the Ground Up and see what the next 60 years brings us (By Dan Shay)

“Once I learn to grow right where I’m planted. Maybe that’s when life starts Getting Good” (By Lauren Alaina)

I remember a lot of good from my childhood. My brother, sister and I playing inside together. My mom making blankets on the couch and my dad playing catch with us out in the yard. I miss those days and cherish them in my heart. We had amazing times and you could say, those are the times that I’ll remember the most. My parents still live in The House That Built Me, 20 something years later and every time I go back, I feel like I am reliving those moments. (By Miranda Lambert)

I come from a complex extended family. My Yiyi (grandma in Thai) always reminds us of our past, how lucky we are to be here and that without our ancestors, we would not exist. We owe a lot to the people who came before us and I think it’s important that we are the Keeper of the Flame in our own story. Be grateful for those who forged a path for you and continue to tell their story. (By Miranda Lambert)

Go Love Someone today! We all need it, especially now. (By Brett Eldridge)

“I believe, Love Wins.” And it definitely trumps hate. (By Carrie Underwood)

There are moments in life that make you stop and remember how good life is. Kids laughing, dogs running free, cats lounging in the sunshine,family spending quality time together. A Moment Like This is what all people live for. (By Kelly Clarkson)

Girls, you are smart, fun, beautiful, strong and brave. if Nobody Ever Told You, then I just did. (By Carrie Underwood)

I’ll admit, I can hold a grudge. I don’t like to hold grudges and it’s not something I do often. I’m human and sometimes I just can’t help it. I worked in the public school system for four years and those four years were the most traumatic and sad times of my life. I worked for four years in a very hard classroom teaching kids with significant cognitive disabilities. I managed upwards of 6 paras at a time, juggled the needs of 13 students who were all so impacted. I worked from 6:30 am until 5:00 pm and then went home and worked more. I never received a lunch break or a planning period. I had one quick bathroom run a day and ate my lunch while I wrote IEPs or assisted kids in specials. I bought food for my students, threw birthday parties for them and my para helped get clothes donated so they had new clothes every year. I continually fought for their rights to access the general education curriculum, all while I was grieving over the loss of my student my first year and coping with PTSD associated with that loss. I did it all because I loved my students and only wanted the absolute best for them. Thank God, I had amazing friends and colleagues who helped me. I could not have done it without them. But, the experience from the school district, the union and my school leadership was something I cannot yet get over. I reached out numerous times for help, continued to tell people in charge that I was starting to burn out and needed breaks. I never got the support and changes needed to continue to work in that system. I quit teaching in the public schools after four years and took a break from teaching all together for about six months. I’m now a preschool teacher, which is fun and a much better fit for me. I’m Not Ready to Make Nice with the school district I worked for, yet. I’m getting there. One day, I’ll remember that everything happens for a reason and my experiences only made me stronger. (By Dixie Chicks)

The Road to Happiness can be a very tricky road to travel. What we think will make us happy, might not. And when we feel like we’re not happy, maybe we really are and we just can’t see it. Surround yourself with positive people and be grateful for all you have. (By Cam)

I have always dreamed big and wanted the next best thing right now. Sometimes I move so fast, I end up having to go back and redo things. Sometimes, I want to move in my logical order, even if it is not at all logical. I always need to remember to plant my Roots Before Branches and to remember that big things start small. (By Lea Michele)

Who Run the World[?] (Girls). No other explanation needed. (By Beyoncé)

Wear your heart on your Sleeves and be vulnerable. It’s scary and uncomfortable but it’s what makes us better for not only ourselves but the people around us. (By Jake Rose)

Let go of feelings or anger that can make you feel So Small. Embrace the people and experiences that an make you feel like you can take on anything!

(By Carrie Underwood)

Remember, the person you see on the street “living off the system” or “using the money for alcohol” is Somebody’s Daughter. They have a story and deserve compassion just as much as anyone else. I always keep a bin of bottled water in my car and I hand it out to people I see who are in need. Every living being needs water to survive. Could you go a day without water? It is a small way to show you care. (By Tenille Townes)

Taking Chances is the scariest thing for me sometimes. I am afraid of failure and sometimes, that fear gets the best of me. However, every day I push myself to be better, take more chances and put myself out there. So far, so good! (By Celine Dion)

To people who may not like this post, or view the world differently from me, I still respect you and only hope all the best and health for you. You Need to Calm Down, take a breath and remember I am human. I have dreams, aspirations and a family just like you. We are all the same just living different lives. Be kind to people and live sweetly.(By Taylor Swift)

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I am a teacher turned creative professional. I run an Etsy shop creating hand lettered and hand drawn cards, signs and other paper items. I also create custom hand made hand lettered wedding stationery and decor. You can find all of the links to get in touch with me on my website home page. I am a cat momma and I love to be outside. Can’t wait to connect with you!

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