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I’ve recently been putting a lot more work and focus into my business. I want to be a successful business woman who built her own empire from the ground up. It’s a big dream and will require a lot of work. I’m willing to do it. I think of my future children and I am excited to think of the possibility that I can work, make money and be home and present with them. I think as a woman there is no limit. We can dream big, work hard and have the outcomes we want. I’ve been listening to a podcast called “The Christy Wright Show” and she teaches women to shoot for the highest goals and to never give up. For anyone needing a great podcast to listen to, this would be one of them!

This is really the first time I have talked about my business on this blog and it sure won’t be my last. I’m proud of what I have done just since February. I have made 54 sales, created an amazing group of followers on Instagram and Facebook. Learned a whole bunch about business and stepped out of my comfort zone. I’ve learned about my creativity and I’ve found a new passion I never thought I’d have. I create hand made custom paper goods for a any occasion and I do it with love and happiness.

Sweetly Lived Design is holding its first giveaway. I want to get your input so that I can better help you and give you exactly what you want. Interested and want to enter to win? It’s pretty simple.

First, please go to my Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/sweetlyliveddesign and take a look around.

Next, fill out this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5JPRD9Y and fill it out.

Lastly, please share this with a friend that will love Sweetly Lived Design and have them do the same.

I only ship to the United States as of now, but hopefully as time goes on, I can expand my shipping options.

I appreciate your support and help with this. I am excited to see where Sweetly Lived Design will go and I’m happy to have such wonderful people like you to help me along the way. Thank you for your feedback! When we all live sweetly and help each other, that is a world we can all be happy to live in.

Published by Kayla Gee

I am a teacher turned creative professional. I run an Etsy shop creating hand lettered and hand drawn cards, signs and other paper items. I also create custom hand made hand lettered wedding stationery and decor. You can find all of the links to get in touch with me on my website home page. I am a cat momma and I love to be outside. Can’t wait to connect with you!

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