All You Need For Your Microwedding

All You Need For Your Microwedding

Since 2020 has graced us with it’s charm and surprise, microweddings are now all the rage within the wedding industry. What exactly is a microwedding? Well, just as it sounds, a microwedding is a typical wedding just on a smaller scale. Most couples still opt for having a venue, planner, photographer, videographer, invitations and dinner. The bride still picks out her wedding gown and has her hair and make up done for the day. The day of a microwedding looks entirely like a wedding, however instead of 150 guests, there may be 15, or 5 or none.

But if there are no guests, isn’t that an elopement? I guess you could call it an elopement, but in my mind, an elopement doesn’t have the rest of it. An elopement in my mind is a simple, go to the courthouse sign the paper and that’s it. A microwedding still has all the bells and whistles a normal wedding would have just with less audience members. Good or bad, they are here and we as wedding professionals want nothing more than for you to have a wonderful day you remember and think of with only happy thoughts.

So you’re engaged and ready to plan your microwedding? Here is a list of all the things you’ll need to remember to make your day a success!

  1. Venue

    Like in a traditional wedding, you’ll want to start with a venue. When you choose your venue, you will also choose your date so be sure the venue you choose has your date open and available. When I got married, we knew we wanted to get married in July sometime (my husband and I both have the same birthday, July 18th so we wanted to have a month of Logan and Kayla. Crazy enough, our venue had availability July 15th and we took it! Serendipity I think ☺️). I’d say to try to keep your options open and not shoot for a specific date. With how unknown everything in the world is right now, and venues trying to squeeze couples in as much as possible, I’d go in with 2–3 different months you’d be happy to get married in so that if your first choice isn’t available, you can go down your list!

  2. Planner

    If you want a planner, this is your next step! I think most couples love having a planner because it takes the load off their shoulders and lets them enjoy the wedding planning experience instead of stressing through it. There are awesome planners out there who love doing microweddings and would make your day exactly what you want. The perks of working with a planner, they usually have a list of vendors they like and know so when it’s time to pick a cake, they already know somebody and can refer you to them. It makes the planning process easier and more enjoyable!

But if a planner is not your thing or just not in budget, don’t you worry there! Sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire are awesome because A. they’re free for couples to use B. you can find any vendor you’re looking for and you talk to them directly on the website and C. there are free wedding planning tools couples can use to help organize their wedding planning! Awesome right?

  1. Photographer and Videographer

    Of course, the day needs to be documented and there is no better way to share your special day with people who can’t be there than with beautiful pictures and a video. I cannot stress enough how important pictures are and there are TONS of photographers out there just waiting to be a part of your day! Browse through The Knot or Wedding Wire to find awesome people or honestly, join any wedding group on Facebook and post a “I need a photographer” and you’ll get about 80 different photographers and videographers ready to work for you. If you want my favs, I will tell you! I used Elevate Photography for my wedding and they were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Jennie Crate Photography is stellar as well as Libby Neder Photography

  2. Invitations and Decor

    I’m going to lump flowers, signs, cake and invitations all under this umbrella of decor. You might be thinking, why would I want decor for a wedding that only 5 people will be at? I’ll tell you exactly why. The wedding experience is one you will only have once. You want every piece put together perfectly, especially in the year 2020 when everything else is rather imperfect. The great thing about microweddings is that you have more room in your budget for things like this. When you walk yourself down the aisle and you paid money for a photographer, you’re going to want flowers to go with it. When you are taking pictures, a beautiful sign with your favorite love quote is going to be a wonderful addition. Love cake? Who doesn’t? It doesn’t have to be big- just get a small cake topper for your special day to share with your love. If you are inviting people to your microwedding, a beautiful invitation with the details are definitely a must. Here is the biggest reason I put these types of vendors on the must have for a microwedding… These vendors are the ones that make your wedding beautiful and add your spark and personal touch. These are the design vendors that bring your story to life, that give your pictures more depth and create the wedding you have always wanted, even during a global pandemic that has put a stop to your 150 person guest list. Still not convinced? Take a peak at my favorite vendors for design and you won’t be able to say no!

Flowers Forever Design

Sweetly Lived Design (hey! That’s me 🙃)

Jack and The Fox Custom Cakes

Das Meyer Pastry

  1. Guests

    The amount of guests you invite to your microwedding really is up to you and your partner. Be sure you think about who is truly important and who really needs to be there for you day. Think about safety and be sure to check your state’s COVID guidelines before you send out your invitations! I really think this microwedding trend is actually pretty neat because you are really focused on who is important in your life. I know I STRUGGLED with my guest list and I ended up inviting my grandmother’s car mechanic because she insisted. My day was still wonderful and I have no regrets, but I think it’s a relief to some to be able to say no to the mechanic and yes to the people that have shaped their life. Be reasonable, be smart, be safe but above all, be happy because this is the best day of your life and you want to share it with the people who matter most.

I hope you found this reflective, and helpful while you plan your microwedding. For me, being a calligrapher and invitation creator, microweddings make me slightly nervous from a business stance but from a person stance, I love them. I think we can really get back to basics and remember what is important- you and your partner and the life you are starting together. I’m incredibly happy for every couple who has gotten married despite 2020’s chaos and found a way to make love happen. If you are a couple who got married, followed your heart and loved unconditionally, cheers to you and I hope you have a wonderful and happy life together. If you didn’t use a calligrapher for your invitations, I do understand and there are no hard feelings. Just be sure you reach out when you need baby announcements! 😉

Live Sweetly


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