Feeling Thankful For This Year

Feeling Thankful For This Year I am honestly in disbelief that 2020 is coming to a close in just 35 short days. This year has brought more learning, laughs, tears, anxiety and new beginnings than any other year I have had. I think I can speak for many people when I say as much asContinue reading “Feeling Thankful For This Year”

Top Five Reasons To Use a Calligrapher For Your Wedding

Top Five Reasons To Use a Calligrapher For Your Wedding Stationery Recently engaged? Congrats to you! This is one of the most important times of your life and please take this planning time to soak in every minute of it. I will tell you from experience, as wonderful as wedding planning is it can beContinue reading “Top Five Reasons To Use a Calligrapher For Your Wedding”

Finding my Joanna

Finding My Joanna I never thought of myself as a creative person. I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life. Whenever I’d take an art class my painting looked like blobs of mixed paint next to my friend’s masterpiece. I thought I’d try to be creative and take up pottery and most ofContinue reading “Finding my Joanna”

New Beginnings

Today was my last day as a teacher. I quit a job that felt comfortable, natural and what I believed to be my purpose in life. What caused this change? Why would I leave what brought me many years of smiles and happiness? In order to chase down a new dream. In order to balanceContinue reading “New Beginnings”

Sweetly Lived Design

I’ve recently been putting a lot more work and focus into my business. I want to be a successful business woman who built her own empire from the ground up. It’s a big dream and will require a lot of work. I’m willing to do it. I think of my future children and I amContinue reading “Sweetly Lived Design”